Friday, February 8, 2008

Growing Pains

Here's where the blog really becomes helpful as therapy. Please understand. We finally measured our little retail space and it is reaalllly little. Try 640 square feet of actual retail space! Seriously! I don't even know how we've paid the rent, but we are ready to stretch out a little bit. Our reviews have been good, but I see that look on customer's faces that says, "This is all there is?" With furniture, we feel like we need a little more space to have some variety and hold people's attention. We have scoured our little neighborhood for suitable retail spaces (try it sometime, unless you are selling used cars, it will take about 3 minutes.) We asked the landlord for more space and that wasn't a short order either based on the other tenants needs and the possibility of moving walls and doing major construction. We haven't decided yet, but we are nearing a decision. If you see anything around 1500 sq ft and 12 bucks a square foot per year please drop by - preferably in the heights. We love our neighborhood and hate a commute. Maybe I will have to talk to the mayor about the lack of suitable retail here. I kind of doubt she will be interested in our little problems up here in the heights. We want to keep Tampa a welcome place for indy business - shop local folks - it does make a difference. As for the shuffling of our square footage, we'll keep you posted.

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