Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Was that the Seminole Heights Community Garden on the news last night?

Yes it was. Here's the info from Robin sent out to the members-

Wanted you all to check out the front page of the website because I've posted a video that 83 Degrees did on the garden and I've posted a link to a story that Channel 8 did on the garden.

They'll be running the story again - tonight on the 5:30 news - if you want to record it or tell folks about it.

Thank you so much for all you do! We wouldn't be where we are without you!

Hope to see you this Saturday - at the garden. :)


Monday, March 29, 2010

Foursquare or how we got "Crunked" on Sat. Night

[Charles] I keep hearing about this Foursquare thing and thought I should see what the chatter is all about. We have an Iphone and it does all sorts of things. It doesn't do my laundry or feed the dog, but it comes in handy when doing a quick search for a place to eat or to update our business Facebook page. We even have a nice App for taking credit cards now that is really helpful at the outdoor markets.

Anyhow, I decided to check out this game/app Foursquare after all the talk about it from the music blogs I read and the hype it got at SXSW. You can learn a lot at their website, but if you want to really get it, then you should just download the app and get started trying to get "Crunked" or become a "Mayor".

Basically this is an App that allows the GPS on your phone to locate what is close to you and you can read user loaded "tips" or "to-do's" to give you some quick info about the place. You need to rack up points to play the game and compete with your friends. Your friends can be invited from Facebook or Twitter and can play as long as they have a phone with a GPS. To play, you "check in" when you get to a business, especially a hangout like a bar or restaurant (although most businesses are listed). The first time you check in at a business you get a bonus for it being your first time. If you check in to Cafe Hey every morning then you get points each time you do. If you check in to the business more than any other person, then you become the "mayor" of that business. Yes ma'am, there is a mayor of Party Liquors - I checked.

There are lots of awards that are meant to encourage exploration and loyalty to local businesses. Mayor of Target? - okay... Mayor of the Independent Pub? that's an achievement to be proud of. We decided to try to win an award called "Crunked" which means that you have to hit 4 bars in the same night. We upped the ante by saying we could do it in our neighborhood and on foot.

We started out with the hard stuff at the Front Porch which is a close walk and admired the new lights that they had in the bar. From there we hoofed it a good ways down to Ella's Restaurant. We ran into some friends there and had a little bite to eat with our second round of drinks. We even gave a little tour of our custom work there to a few curious patrons. We had a great time chatting with Joe, Shawn, Ernie, and Melissa as always. We tried to spot the mayor while there, but she must have had the night off. The next stop was the Refinery and this was the only cheat because they were closing, we skipped the drink. We did stick our heads in and admire the progress of the decor and their really cool sign "Eat. Drink. Confabulate." Love it.

It was a short walk down to the Independent to close our night. We got to chat with Greg and Michelle from the Refinery as they cooled down from their evening. I showed the bartender, Mike I think, that we had gotten "Crunked" but he wasn't quite as excited as I was. I was at my fourth bar, though, so maybe I was over-enthusiastic... We did it though, and we were nearly an hour late when we dragged in to relieve our babysitter - my eternally patient mom asleep on the couch. We did have a great time and saw some pieces of our sidewalk that we had never studied. We hustled by some roadkill and got a better look at a few buildings we had only driven by. All in all, it was a success. I'm not sure if I'm addicted to Foursquare yet, but I did meet the Mayor of the Independent and she seemed to be enjoying her role just fine.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday is full 1. Garden 2. EcoFest 3. Wild Things

Photo from Ecolution
Get your rest tonight kiddies! Tomorrow is gonna be a full day... #1 Seminole Heights Community Garden planting #2 EcoFestival downtown #3 Where the Wild Things Are at Al Lopez park.

#1 Get up early and head over to the Seminole Heights Community Garden for a planting workshop. Don't wait until it's too hot to get some dirt on your hands! This weekend might be pushing it to get some plants in the ground before the heat gets here...

#2 Wash up and head downtown to Lykes Gaslight Square and chat up the vendors and hear some great music while checking out a downtown bike race! Talk about multi-tasking!

#3 Take in Where the Wild Things Are at Al Lopez park

Admission is FREE! Saturday, March 27, 2010
7:45pm – 9:45pm Al Lopez Park 4810 North Himes Avenue

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus... Paint the Town Green Next Friday!

Seminole Heights residents... fans of Tampa Street Market... public transport enthusiasts... We are trying to get a group together to join in the Urban Charrette's event "Paint the Town Green" on Friday April 2nd. This is a sort of pub crawl and social event involving public transit and bars and restaurants from Downtown Tampa to Ybor City.

Here's the deal, we want to put together a Seminole Heights crew that will meet up in the hood (I'm thinking at the Independent) at 5:30 or so and then hop a #1 Hart bus to downtown at about 6:00. Most of those "other" people participating will be driving downtown and parking (LAME!) We are going to show them one of the best reasons to live in Seminole Heights - EASY ACCESS TO PUBLIC TRANSIT AND DOWNTOWN!

So join in, meet up, have a pint, and we'll try to hit a few spots on the map. The participating bars are -

Downtown -
the new Sono Cafe at the Tampa Museum
Columbia Cafe at Tampa History Center,
Sail Pavilion at the Convention Center,
the Tampa River Taxi (not sure if they have drinks) and

Ybor -
Gaspar's Grotto,
the James Joyce, and
Tre Amici

We won't make it to all of these, but that being said, depending on the size of our group and how late each person wants to stay out, we will assume anyone can cab it home anytime they want. The #1 bus runs home up Florida Avenue every half an hour from the Marion Transit Center although I learned the hard way that the bus pass you get for this event only works on the day you buy it... lesson learned, get on the bus before midnight or catch a cab home.

The main idea is to get a group of us on the bus and head downtown and have some fun. Let's show the city of Tampa that we can and will use transit when it goes where we want to go!

If you're interested in joining us or doing it on your own, here's the link to buy your pass with Paypal that entitles you to a one day transit pass and some discounts at the stops...
and find us on Facebook as well!

8Bottles to make a Polo Shirt?

Photo from
[Charles] Scanning through the vendors listed for this year's NYC Green Expo I saw a strange name pop out at me - "8Bottles". I envisioned some corporation trying to convince me that I needed 8 more re-usable bottles or something ridiculous like that. What I found was a funny little company with a very simple product. Recycling 8 green plastic bottles by shredding them and spinning them into fabric they can make a green-tinted polo shirt that doesn't look bad. I would have to see and touch em in person to be sure, but I like that they are trying to do one simple thing and do it good. I feel like we sometimes get a little scattered in green and don't concentrate our efforts enough to make something good and to be good at making it. Check em out if you like. I know our expo this weekend might not be as big as the one in NYC, but I guarantee you'll meet a bunch of people who are trying to do the same thing - make something good for the benefit of our environment and the people on this little rock we call home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ecolution Festival this weekend Downtown Tampa

[Charles] This weekend folks, head downtown to enjoy a green festival surrounded by a bike race... You heard me, there is a criterium downtown that will be circling the blocks plus a few more. This will be a great chance to come out and enjoy our downtown. Walk over and see the new Curtis Hixon park or the Tampa Museum when you're done. We will be out with all our eco friends enjoying the sunshine.

ECO. Festival 2010

Lykes Gaslight Park and the Streets of Downtown Tampa - Saturday, March 27th, 2010 / 11am- 9pm
Presented by Mise en Place
and Tampa Downtown Partnership

Live music. Local food. Street festival. Urban bike race.

ECO.festival 2010 is an afternoon full of fun, enlightenment and entertainment. The outdoor festival is highlighted by live music, food, wine tastings, green products, educational seminars and children’s activities.

The Urban Charrette and Mise en Place are proud to announce their partnership with 2nd Annual Tampa Twilight Criterium at this year’s Eco.lution festival. The Criterium or “Crit” is a fast paced, urban bike race through the streets of Downtown Tampa. Participants and spectators attending the Crit will have the opportunity to join Eco.lution and sample local food and drinks, listen to live music and learn about how to make Tampa a more sustainable city. For more information on Tampa’s Twilight Criterium visit the event website at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please Be Still :: Still Room Studio: The two boys

Please Be Still :: Still Room Studio: The two boys

From an artist in our area - fascinating photo and story

Our latest finds in the Market

Here's a few of our latest finds in the market. Head to the website for more photos!

1. Crazy cool found art from a rusty old green stamp sign in Texas.
2. New art from Anika Easter flanked by some complimentary blue lamps.
3. Puzzle cake handpainted and created by local Seminole Heights woodworker.
4. Salvaged green lab table with drawers
5. Awesome metal divider shelf

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tempus Projects Show Tonight in Seminole Heights

Tonight in Seminole Heights there will be an art show over on Florida Ave at the recently inaugurated Tempus Projects. Showing will be a number of interesting and diverse artists including one of our good friends Lynn Manos. Please take some time this evening to show your support for arts in our neighborhood. The Heights has always had a reputation for being a creative art community so let's show them some love! Make a night of it and check out Cappy's or walk across the street to the Refinery or from The Independent. It should be an interesting and exciting evening and by supporting them, we can show them that we want more arts and shows in our neighborhood.


March 19 -April 9, 2010

Opening Reception March 19, 2010 7pm -10pm


GREY MATTER | a group exhibition featuring work from Hildebrando Bellizzio, Deon Blackwell, Dave Galbraith, Allen Hampton, Wes Kline, Elizabeth Kozlowski, Lauren Garber Lake, Shannon Richie-Lindsey, Lynn Manos, Cindy Mason, Alessandro Midulla, Meg Mitchell, Ellen Mueller, Justin Nelson, Princess Rashid, and Brian Taylor.

TEMPUS PROJECTS brings these artists together for a diverse exhibition of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. This exhibition will debut at TEMPUS PROJECTS in South Seminole Heights located on the back lot of 5132 Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33603. More on these artist will soon to be posted at

In the courtyard: Kurt Piazza will be premiering new video work for one night only and TEMPUS PROJECTS hosts an open air happening of handmade goods in a one night venders market. Pick up quality goods from local craftsmen and more.

The Opening Reception for this exhibition will be held on Friday March 19, 2010 from 7pm till 10pm with refreshments and light hors d'oeuvres.

The event is free and open to the public but donations are greatly appreciated. The exhibition runs through April 9th, 2010 with gallery hours by appointment. Classes and groups are encouraged and welcomed.

Tracy Midulla Reller

Creative Director


justin nelson MANE.jpg

Meg Mitchell.jpg

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do re-designers tend to overcomplicate things?

We make a lot of trunk to coffee table conversions at TSM. It's one of our favorite things to take an old trunk or locker and convert - especially with wheels. I saw this post today and I wonder why a lot of designers feel the need to overcomplicate such a simple thing. Of course, a lot of these trunks are curved on top, which we try to avoid, but still?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Paddy's Social and a toast or two...

I saw yer man at the social the other night and he was absolutely legless! Read on for the irish translation...

Thanks to everyone that came to the social on Saturday and Sunday's SH Market. We had a great time at the social this weekend and are happy to be back after a week of shopping and visiting. We look forward to the next event and thanks go to Loko Cuisine for the amazing food and fun. John left the party on a stretcher and we've got the photos to prove it...

Here's some irish words and toasts in case you need a little help tomorrow at the pub -

Here’s a few useful phrases in Irish Gaelic:

Erin Go Bragh – has nothing to with your bra or even Erin’s bra and where it might be going. This is the most common phrase you’ll see on Irish placards and what nots. It translates as “Ireland Forever” and is a sort of shortened assertion of allegiance to our little island.

Failte – Good luck pronouncing this one – it sounds like full shah and means “welcome”. Often, over the bar in a pub while surrounded with all sorts of knick knacks and family photos there might be a plaque that says “mile failte” (meela full sha) or even “cead mile failte” (kaid meela full sha) which means a thousand welcomes or a hundred thousand welcomes respectively. I think this phrase got co-opted by the tourist board cause it’s everywhere.

Slainte – Literally “health” and is pronounced slahn shah. This one is very useful and will come up often in the pub as it is the shortest irish toast you’ll ever hear. If someone asks for a toast you might get away with this one although, they usually want a long winded thing about your fathers and the devil and something else.

Here’s a couple of funny things they say in Ireland that might get you some street cred in the pub.

Yer Man or Woman

Denotes a person whose name is unknown (or cannot currently be recalled) but whose identity is assumed to be known to everyone. Could lead to such hilarious exchanges as

"Didn't I see yer man in town yesterday?"

"That wasn't him, that was the other one ..."

Hole in the Wall – this is what they call an ATM… I know, that’s not confusing at all

Legless – one of the many entertaining ways to describe how you’ll be after 4 hours at the pub.

A few of my personal favorite irish toasts if you’re planning on celebrating properly tomorrow:

The nice one for friends – “May the roof above us never fall in and may those that gather beneath it never fall out!”

The funny one for friends – “May you be layin in heaven 15 minutes before the devil knows you’re dead!”

The funniest and best - “May those who love us, love us. May those who don’t love us, may God turn their hearts. And if he can’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles, so we can see ‘em by their limpin’.”

Slainte! And have a good one yerself!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember

First off is tonight's Happy Hour from the Urban Charette:

Riverwalk Happy Hour Tonight 530pm-700pm!!

Location: Sail Pavilion - On the Riverwalk near the Tampa Convention Center

Come join the Urban Charrette as we end the week with a happy hour event at the new Sail Pavilion on the Tampa Riverwalk. Mr. Lee Hoffman, Development Manager for the Riverwalk, will be in attendance to talk about the next steps in the growth of this important public asset.

We hope to see you there! Come learn about how you can get involved! For more information on the event visit the SDAT Tampa website. For information on the Sail Pavilion visit this website.

ECO.lution 2010 – Starts on March 25th –

Amy's shopping trip is next week so the store will be closed from Tuesday thru Friday. She is on the look out for new salvaged items and a few customer requests. Charles will be around if you need something and checking the shop email -

This Saturday and Sunday is the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts and they have moved to the new Curtis Hixon Park downtown in the shadow of the new Tampa Museum. Here's a good chance to see both and some great artists from all over the country. Don't miss Anna Vasquez from Nested Yellow who will be featured as one of the Emerging Artists! (You've seen her amazing nature inspired jewelry designs in the shop)


Next Saturday the 13th is our Re-Green/St. Paddy's Party and it should be a good time! Get your RSVP in and paid at before it gets full!-

Next Sunday the 14th is the next Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market. That should be fun and even bigger than the last one. Anthony and Elke from Reservations are doing the cooking demo so you won't want to miss it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hub Grub Ride a Success Despite Cold Weather

Elke from Reservations greeting the bikers. Photo from Bicycle Stories

Looks like everybody had a good time at the ride on Saturday! We had a few of the riders stop by during the ride and the photos from Alan's blog look like a lot of fun. Be sure to check them out here...