Thursday, March 25, 2010

8Bottles to make a Polo Shirt?

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[Charles] Scanning through the vendors listed for this year's NYC Green Expo I saw a strange name pop out at me - "8Bottles". I envisioned some corporation trying to convince me that I needed 8 more re-usable bottles or something ridiculous like that. What I found was a funny little company with a very simple product. Recycling 8 green plastic bottles by shredding them and spinning them into fabric they can make a green-tinted polo shirt that doesn't look bad. I would have to see and touch em in person to be sure, but I like that they are trying to do one simple thing and do it good. I feel like we sometimes get a little scattered in green and don't concentrate our efforts enough to make something good and to be good at making it. Check em out if you like. I know our expo this weekend might not be as big as the one in NYC, but I guarantee you'll meet a bunch of people who are trying to do the same thing - make something good for the benefit of our environment and the people on this little rock we call home.

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