Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

Heatwave was awesome! Hope you got to see some of that...Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa were so worth it. Special thanks go out to John Loscalzo of Loko Cuisine for his amazing food and hard work last Friday night at our in-store event! For those of you that missed out, don't worry, we will definitely do another one soon. We had a great time and got to chat with customers and neighbors alike - all within walking distance of our house!

Anika Easter and family were on hand to release her new SecondLine Frames from salvaged New Orleans wood that really bring a lot of color to the shop. Also, she sold a couple of paintings throughout the evening, and we are happy to see her unique style expand throughout the city.

We will be out of town this weekend trying to relax and get our mind off work a little bit. The shop will be open Friday and Saturday without us thanks to our family and friends who are minding it. We will be closed Sunday as we are travelling to South Carolina to visit friends and test out our new tent! Hopefully our camping will be relaxing and dry.

We instituted Summer Hours this last week to give us some time to finish more furniture and some of our custom projects. (We have been tapped to make tables for Ella's Folk Art Restaurant on Nebraska by the awesome Ernie and Melissa!) This means we are closed Monday to Wednesday for a few months, but on the upside, we can get more furniture done and into the shop. As we continue to build custom projects, we learn and grow our abilities. Thanks so much for all the support. As other places are closing, we are happy to say we are hanging in there.

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