Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water update

(Photo - stolen outright from Asher Castillo's blog)
While the petition for the Water for the World gets closer to enough signatures, there are projects that continue to move forward with private funding. I said that I would pass along stories from the front lines and this one is very close to home. My cousin, Asher, is heading to El Salvador this year to build wells for churches. The company that he is going with is called Living Water International. I'm not a religious person, but these guys are doing good work around the world and deserve to be commended. 16% of the population in El Salvador has no access to clean drinking water. Asher has recently tossed his old corporate job and is heading out to apply his talents to help people. That takes guts and I'm so proud to know that one of my relatives is out there making a difference for people. If you want to hear about his travels, check out his blog at http://www.ashercastillo.blogspot.com/

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