Friday, January 15, 2010

7000 Buried in Mass Grave...

That's the statement that woke me this morning when my alarm clock came on. 7000. This is just the start of many tallies I'm sure, but the snooze button didn't have any effect after that. As I got in the car to head to work I could hear that WMNF 88.5 was already up early and raising money for Haiti. Instead of letting the helpless feelings overtake us, I am so proud to see our community radio station making it possible to give to important aid efforts. They've gone to great lengths to find four organizations that are currently operating in Haiti with low overhead and big impacts. If you have some time today please give them a call to donate whatever you can. You can pledge online which is extremely easy at They are running this relief effort today from 6am to 4 pm.

All donations made during this fund drive will be split between:
Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti
Doctors Without Borders
Partners in Health
Mercy Corps

WMNF Press Release
WMNF Community Radio to Hold Emergency Fundraiser for Haiti Relief Organizations
(Tampa) WMNF Community Radio 88.5fm is going on the air from 6am until 4pm Friday, January 15th to raise funds for organizations providing relief to survivors of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti this week.
WMNF is trying to raise as much money as possible, and will split the funds evenly between four organizations: Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti, Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and Mercy Corps. WMNF will receive no proceeds as a result of the funds raised. 100% of the contributions will go to these relief groups.
WMNF News Director Rob Lorei says 88.5fm listeners are very generous and have helped out in other such efforts.
“WMNF listeners are very community-minded and they’ve been telling us about their deep concern for the people of Haiti. In the past, when we raised funds for the victims of Katrina, we raised a lot of money for relief. There’s no telling how this will turn out- given our economic problems here at home- but my guess is that they will come through in a big way,” said Lorei.
In 2005, WMNF held a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. As it is doing this time, the FCC lifted a ban on fundraising for other non-profit organizations so that public and community radio stations could hold special on-air pledge drives.
In one day, WMNF raised $132,000 that was split evenly among four non-profits. Our members thanked us time after time that day for putting their money toward trust-worthy non-profits to rebuild the areas and lives ravaged by Katrina.
Now, WMNF is trying to do the same for victims of the Haiti earthquake. Many are wondering how to help and to which organization to give. WMNF is here as a conduit for the community.
For more information, please contact Station Manager Jim Bennett at (813)238-8001 or

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