Thursday, April 15, 2010

CL Tampa Green Issue Out Today

[Charles] Big shout to Tampa's Green Community writer at Creative Loafing - Katie Machol! Instead of the same old list of green ideas that most papers haul out every year, she went to the people and asked for their ideas. Large or small, actually "preferably small" she told me. The idea was to give people things they can easily do to keep moving forward and improving our world.

Not everybody is going to take to the seas ramming whaling ships or scaling bridges for Greenpeace. Most of us have enough on our plate with work, kids, friends, family, and life in general that changing a light bulb is actually a victory worth celebrating. If everybody took a few of these ideas in the article home, the impact would be huge!

I offered that I'd like to see more cool bike racks like NYC's David Byrne designs and more bike lanes to downtown. While we're at it, let's bring back the electric taxis. There were other simpler ideas like to make sun tea or to stop idling in the drive thru that make it really easy to change.

Here's the link to the post on CL's site. While you're there, you might check out the site for more ideas that didn't make the print version but are still worth considering.

-Photos from Creative Loafing's Flickr page-

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