Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Forecast - Museum Free Day Tomorrow!

[Charles] Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, if you live in Tampa and believe in 60% chances of rain which isn't very committal anyway but whatever. So instead of having a yard sale or going for a run on the beach, why don't you check out that museum you haven't forked over the cash for yet?Most museums these days run in the $15 range for tickets so we're talking $30 savings easy. How does it work? Just head over to the Smithsonian's website and find your museum of interest. Type in some details about yourself and decline all those helpful ads they want to send you and 30 seconds later you'll have a printable flyer in your little inbox. So, if you haven't checked out the new Tampa Museum of Art because "it's too small" or "there's too many greek pots" or whatever, now's your no obligation chance. I am finally going to try and cross that bridge to the St. Pete side of our little bay and check out the Museum of Fine Arts there. I've heard it's really nice, but I'm too cheap to drive over there and drop the coin on it. Here's the link to check out your local options. H/T to Recreating Tampa for the kind words about our shop (lord rest her soul) and the reminder about this event. In Tampa you've got the Ybor History Museum, The Museum of Photographic Arts, The Plant Museum, and the Scarfone Gallery at UT in addition to the TMA so why not take your rainy day on the inside? Insider tip, I know the TMA has a fantastic cafe with gelato on the ground floor. Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah and if you've still got some energy to burn after that, you should really check out Los Amigos Invisibles over at the Crowbar on Saturday. This Venezuelan group is known for a super danceable show that should be a great time. Don't plan to lean on the rail and sip beer at this one.

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