Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day - This is a Call!

How do you celebrate Earth Day if you are in the Florida House?

Hopefully you voice your opposition to drilling within earshot of our coastline!

From the St. Pete Times -

TALLAHASSEE — In a full-barreled appeal to the House Policy Council, the oil and gas industry persuaded lawmakers to vote, 17-6, along party lines Tuesday for a bill that opens state waters to exploration and taps into new revenues for the state's ailing budget.
The council approved an amendment by Rep. Dean Cannon, R-Orlando, that would lift Florida's ban on oil drilling in state waters and replace it with a plan to allow the governor and Florida Cabinet to seek bidders for exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico between 3 and 10 miles offshore.

Here's the link:

For a reference: The Gandy Bridge is almost 3 miles long, and the distance from the tip of St. Pete to the Hillsborough side where the Skyway bridge ends is around 8 miles... Doesn't seem very far to me.
WARNING! - Rant to follow...

I love how if the economy tanks, the environment gets the bill. All of a sudden, the only way to restart our economy in Florida is to build, build, build where we wouldn't allow before by pushing permits through fast track procedures! Wetlands, who cares? Water restrictions? Not on my green grass! And drill baby, as close as you can. We need that revenue! Let's get those coffers full of oil money cause the environment doesn't pay as much or at all. Unless you count things like tourism, farming, and that silly alternative energy. Alternative energy! Sorry no time for that this session. Oh yeah and sales tax exemptions, not this year - no time. We've only got time for fat walleted special interests to buy us lunch and pay for tea parties. The environment can wait for the next session, can't it?!

Now I suppose is the time to recall that Earth Day is for celebration and for activism. As one of my favorite bands would say( the Fighters of Foo) - "This is a Call!" Let 'em know about it!

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