Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rainbarrels Get Back to the Garden

This morning a sunny plot on Violet Street in Seminole Heights saw some much-needed optimism that probably won't make the headline news. The street was lined with cars and people parked around the block to get to a morning meeting. Bikes were laying on their side just inside the gate. Why all the commotion? The county Extension Service came to us! That's right, you've heard of all those meetings and waiting lists to get a free rain barrel from the county. It looks like our Community Garden just jumped the line for us and got nearly forty people the information and vouchers to make a difference. The rep from Tampa Bay Water did a basic talk about how to make a rain barrel, why they are needed, and how they work. An hour later, this group was ready to do a rain dance and collect some gallons! I would love to think people were clamoring for rainbarrels after reading my article in New Heights magazine. It's probably got a lot more to do with our awesome community organizers. Thanks to Robin of Greener Pixels and her troops at the Community Garden for putting this together. If you haven't been getting in the loop on the garden updates, you should hit the site at and sign up. Now I just need to get them a bike rack...

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