Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going Green Expo Follow Up

Well I didn't get a photo with Ed, but I did see him. He's tall! He walked right by me as I was chatting with Jennifer from Why Not Boutique. She had scored an indoor spot which was nice considering how hot it was outside.

TSM was out in the heat, but under a tree which did a nice job of keeping us cool. We handed out lots of cards and got a lot of people to hear of our little shop that had never even heard of us (amazing right?!). We even made some sales and shared some knowledge with anyone who would listen. We like to go on and on about composting, furniture design, and recycled materials. We did meet some great folks like Keep Hillsborough Beautiful and I got an in depth tour of a plug in Mazda Protege. We also got to debut the Tweeprints that our new friend Thuy brought by the week prior. They are really cool and clean designs with the bonus that they are printed on recycled paper with soy inks from a local designer. We even sold a few sets of the limited edition versions that feature local and international artists, yeah! Proceeds from those go to Habitat for Humanity and they are very unique Thank You cards.

Thanks to all the folks that came out! We're looking forward to our next day out which just might be the WMNF Holiday Bazaar. Come on by this weekend to see the new and cool furniture pieces we completed this week and to cash in that discount from the show.


  1. I did score with that indoor booth this year. Granted, you were probably more eco-friendly though in that you weren't in the air conditioning. But I WAS right by the brownie table the first day! Had a blast at the expo and it was great seeing you!!

  2. Since we were there on Saturday, we didn't get a pic with Ed Begley either :( Still had a blast though and wrote about it here: