Tuesday, October 20, 2009

US Chamber wants climate bill after all! Who's having the best hoax day ever?

Who doesn't love a good fake press conference?! Apparently the US Chamber of Commerce, especially when the joke is on them... Reading up on Grist this morning I found this hysterical post where a fake Yes Man (a NYC team of professional hoaxers) caused a stir and even managed to get a real PR guy from "The Real" Chamber pretty bent out of shape.

These guys agree with a lot of the folks that are jumping ship from the Chamber that has turned into one huge climate change denier network. It's okay though, it's mostly just small companies like PG&E, Exelon, and a tiny IT biz called Apple. The Chamber seems to think that cap and trade is bad business, but some folks seem to think that extinction and climate calamity is possibly worse for the bottom line.

All that being said - it sure is hysterical to see a group that can get under their corporate skins.

- Charles

Here's the link to the Grist article--->

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