Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back in the saddle again

First things first... we are open, the shop looks awesome, and we are ready to rock! We've done plenty of late nights, running around with the voice of Tim Gunn at the door shouting "Make it work!"

We did get it done finally and we are really happy with the results. Ella has a larger and more secure play area. Baci has more room to stretch out and nap. Amy has the space to organize the office and dig out of our mess of paperwork that was 2009.

We got the chandelier hanging dividers up to help section the shop better and we also set up some moveable dividers for artwork. We hope to hear from more artists that are interested in renting space so we can continue encouraging the local artist community in our neighborhood.

We also learned that one of our favorite locals - Ana of "Nested Yellow" was selected as an emerging artist in the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts! Congratulations to her and to all of the people that got her jewelry for Christmas this year! She does amazing and beautiful work in natural themes with a good mix of metal and salvaged materials like antique buttons or stones.

We are working to get a booth at the Sunday Morning Market in Seminole Heights that is coming up in two weeks. If you are interested, let us know as we are putting together a group of artists to band together and show how creative this community is.

Thanks for your patience with our closing this month. Come by the shop and see all of the new stuff - you will be amazed!


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  1. Awesome - I will stop by this weekend to check out the new and improved space! Missed you guys!