Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hub Grub Bike Ride in Seminole Heights this Saturday

This weekend, the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club is hosting a biking tour in our neighborhood to visit the budding restaurant and pub scene. There are some old faves and new haunts, and the weather should be awesome for a ride. Here's the plan and what do you know - it looks like it will pass by a little known shop called Tampa Street Market!

Here's the post from Alan Snel at Bicycle Stories:

"The inaugural Hub Grub Bike Ride -- the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club's bike tour of 8 Seminole Heights restaurants -- is set for Saturday. Please start gathering around 2:30-2:45 PM as the ride leaves promptly at 3 PM from the Garden Center, 5800 Central Avenue.

The St. Petersburg Times did a nice story to preview the Hub Grub Ride.

The eight restaurants are not too far from each other. But I tried to design a bike route that includes several miles of biking while also keeping off Hillsborough Avenue, which can be dicey for a bicyclist in the I-275 entrance and exit ramps area. Here is the line-up of restaurants and our bike tour:

START: Garden Center, 5800 Central Avenue.
Central Avenue south to Osborne, make a left
Osborne to Nebraska Avenue

MILE 1: Reservations Gourmet-To-Go, Nebraska/Osborne corner
Nebraska north to Giddens, make a right, then a quick left into Taco Bus back parking lot

MILE 1.5: Taco Bus, 913 E. Hillsborough
Walk bike through crosswalk across Nebraska and head south
Right on Frierson, left on Taliaferro, right on Osborne, right on Central Avenue

MILE 2.9: Starbucks, Central/Hillsborough
north on Central to Hanna, make a left, go through Florida Ave. intersection, left on Tampa Street, left on Idlewild, make a right into Front Porch side parking lot

MILE 3.9: Front Porch, 5924 N. Florida Ave.
south on Florida Avenue to Bungalow Bistro/The Refinery

MILE 4.4: Bungalow Bistro/The Refinery, 5137 N. Florida Avenue
You can bike right through the side door of the restaurant and out the other side doors! Cross the street and bike south on Florida Avenue for only a minute or two.

MILE 4.6: The Independent, 5015 N. Florida Avenue
Go next door to Cappy's

MILE 4.6: Cappy's, 4910 N. Florida Avenue
south on Florida into Highland, make a left on Osborne and go through Florida and Central intersections to Nebraska Avenue, make a left and go 1/2 mile

MILE 5.9: Ella's, 5119 N. Nebraska Avenue
reverse route and head back to Garden Center. Nebraska, south to Osborne, right turn and go to Central Avenue; right turn and back to Garden Center.

MILE 7.4: Return at Garden Center.

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