Monday, May 10, 2010

Brooklyn Designs 2010 - Wish we were there!

[Charles] So we are definitely furniture design nerds over here at TSM. We attended ICFF a few years ago and we have been known to hit places like the Noguchi museum or the Cooper Hewitt over the typical tourist attractions. Instead of dwelling on our depressed state from not being able to afford to go to NYC this year for design week, I've decided to post a few of the best designs I've seen while doing a virtual tour through the coolest and most outlandish new eco-friendly furniture pieces. Brooklyn Designs (May 7-9) is held on the weekend before ICFF and showcases the best of Brooklyn design studios which tend to be the greener design studios in New York.

First off, check out Uhuru Designs where they are happy to mix salvaged wood and metal just like somebody else we know... They probably have a pretty nice workshop and I'm gonna just say, it must be nice to have salvaged wood planks from Coney Island available for incorporation in designs like these. I can't hate on em too much though - this stuff is amazing!

Another place in Brooklyn I tried to drag Amy to was City Joinery where they do some really amazing and unique woodwork such as this table - The Winged Eliptical.

Another studio called Ecosystems caught our eye earlier this year with their interesting shelf support system that allows for user configuration or as the London Financial Times referred to them - "Legos for design savvy adults."

If you'd like more info on Brooklyn Designs here's their link.

Also, you can read Core77 or Inhabitat for more info on the designers, parties, and the hobnobbing that goes on in the city.

Hopefully this time next year, we'll be sending posts from our own visit!

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