Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Weekend Roundup - Hub Grub II, Oil Spill Photos, and a little Lucero

Not sure who to credit the photo to, got it via email...

[Charles] Here's the latest from some of the blogs I read:

Alan from Bicycle Stories has some great photos from the Hub Grub Ride II which drew out over 120 people this time with a biking politician in tow -Linda Saul Sena and the new police chief Jane Castor.

I am so disgusted and depressed with the oil spill and the damage it is causing on our shores that I can't even stand to write about it right now. Instead I'll send you to some of the shocking Photos from a Treehugger reporter on the spill.

Maybe Kevin Costner can help with the cleanup? From Core77

And if you need something to listen to check out 9Bullets' discussion on some of their favorite bands tunes including Lucero and Drag the River.

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