Monday, January 31, 2011

Maker Monday: Salvage Loft Tour

Photos from Sarah Rainwater on Apartment Therapy
[Charles] I was working on some plumbing this weekend and this piping just cracks me up. I ran into this post on Apartment Therapy today. I love rough and rusty salvage in the home, but these folks really did it right. I love everything about the place. They have old sinks and tables re-purposed but also they have lots of little funny artistic touches. I absolutely love the figure eight knot that they soldered in their copper pipes and the old steam gauges are fantastic.

Thanks for the inspiration, I hope you open to home tours because if I'm in Providence, I'm dropping by for tea on that cool antique stove...


  1. Love the vintage flat drawers and that awesome investigator door!


  2. Those doors are the coolest. I love too how you can ventilate through the top of those unlike most houses these days. Vintage flat drawers are the best and I'm sure they'd be great for storing your amazing jewelry inventory!