Sunday, November 29, 2009

Avoiding Black Friday and New Product - Vers IPhone Cases

Well we managed to survive Black Friday unscathed at the Market. It sounds like people were buying more online and avoiding the craziness that big retailers encourage. We had a nice gathering in the shop with cookies and some awesome cider. We even sold some things, but the best part was the relief and happiness on people's faces that comes from having a relaxing shopping experience.

In our run-up to Christmas, we wanted to make sure everyone knows about the new products we have in the shop. Today I'll talk about a cool company called Vers Audio.

Vers Audio ( started out with one simple product - an IPod music player. Most of the plastic players that are on the market have poor sound quality and really aren't very nice looking. These cheap devices will be filling a space in our landfills soon enough as manufacturers refuse to build products that are durable. Vers has used an environmentally friendly MDF in the thick speaker-box type cases on their 2X and 1.5R players. Also, they use a different type of low energy amplifier so that they aren't wasting energy when on or off. They actually use 90% less energy when powered off and 30% less draw when powered on as compared to other similar players.

The new product in the shop is a new product for Vers as well - an Ipod shell case made from sustainably harvested wood. They actually harvest most of the wood near their plant and restore trees through a 100 to 1 return program with the U.S. Forestry Service. On top of their green cred, these cases are absolutely beautiful in walnut, cherry, and bamboo finishes. We have the open front IPhone cases in the shop now. We are also considering an order of the 1.5R alarm clock radio style stereos pictured at the top of this post - let us know if you are interested and we'll add you to the list.


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