Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ybor on a Wednesday night?

Need a reason to go to Ybor on a Wednesday? How about a little solar presentation followed up with a cool little band from Boston? Well here's your chance... Tomorrow night the Sierra Club is hosting local solar company Hotwire Enterprises from Tarpon Springs. It will be at the Hilton Garden Inn within walking distance of our favorite local watering hole, the New World Brewery.

photo from misstessmusic.com
After the meeting, you can head over to hear Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade at New World. I've never seen them, but according to the wonderful magic of google "Miss Tess is a Boston-based songwriter, whose "Modern Vintage" sound bridges eras and genres. Since moving to Boston in late 2005, Miss Tess formed her own band, The Bon Ton Parade, a dynamic combo comprised of saxophone, clarinet, upright bass, brushes on drums, and backing harmonies."
And here's the details on the meeting from the Sierra Club website:
This month's program will enlighten us on the various uses of solar power, the types of panels, the cost and basic requirements needed to convert.
Speaker: John Gambill, President of Hotwire Enterprises
5:30 pm - Conservation Committee Meets
6:30 pm - Social time and new member orientation
7:00 pm - Presentation begins

Meeting Location:Hilton Garden Inn 1700 E. 9th Ave.Ybor City (769-9267)Map
Anyone who owns a home or business knows the high cost of conventional energy. Many consumers are unhappy with not only the increasing costs, but increased reliance on dirty coal to supply electricity. Here in the Sunshine State, there are many advantages to seeking out solar power as an alternative form of energy. For grid-tied home-owners, it is possible for a solar electric installation to pay for itself within a few years, and future electrical power is free from the sun for the next 40 years or so.
John Gambill and his wife and business partner Libbie Ellis are the owners of Hotwire Enterprises, their home-based business in Tarpon Springs. They became involved in alternative energy when they spent four years sailing the Caribbean, powering their 36-foot boat with the help of a wind generator and solar panel. In 1998, they returned to the States to work full-time in the alternative energy business designing and installing power-related systems that harness wind and sun for use in boats, RVs, residential, businesses, agriculture and public safety. This month's program will enlighten us on the various uses of solar power, the types of panels, the cost and basic requirements needed to convert. Most states have incentives available to cover part of the cost of solar installation, and there are other federal programs as well, which John will tell us about.
Some of the projects he has designed include solar electric homes, solar battery charging for ambulances, solar powered street lights on the Hillsborough Community College campus in Ybor City, solar water pumping for a remote pasture on a cattle ranch, GPS battery charging for kayaks, electric gate opening devices, laptop battery charger, and solar sign lighting.Pretty much everything that can be done with electricity can be done with solar power, says John.
Don't miss this interesting presentation!
Sierra Club meetings are free and open to the general public.
For more information, contact Marcia Biggs at 727-797-6261 or marciabiggs@yahoo.com

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