Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Candy Bars Live Tonight at Cappy's? Oh Yeah...

Candy Bars - Photo by Elawgrrl
[Charles] I can only assume that the bossman at Cappy's is out of town on vacation this week because as far as I know this has never happened. There has never been a live show at our own Seminole Heights Cappy's restaurant. Our local pizza shop is an awesome open space with high backed booths that easily recalls the feeling of "Arnold's Drive In" on Happy Days - maybe with the pinball machine replaced by a Donkey Kong game. The staff at Cappy's are all really cool and welcoming and the quiet one in the gang is usually the aforementioned bossman "Scooter." He's usually working too hard in the back making pizzas to make the rounds and schmooze which is fine because the pizza is great and he works hard to keep it that way.

Anyway, besides the small plug for one of my favorite independent businesses, this post should encourage you to get there tonight for this one of a kind show from one of the most interesting bands you've only sort of heard of - The Candy Bars. This is an experimental rock band with a sound that is often referred to as "baroque" which may have something to do with the inclusion of a cello player or the lack of good comparisons. They are unique, hard-working, and amazing. I'll attach an old link to a show of them at New World although it doesn't really do them justice.

So if you are tired of complaining about the lack of concert venues and things to do in the hood and finally ready to be part of the solution, then check them out tonight. Drop your $2 and grab a slice and help this band gain the following they so definitely deserve. These guys believe in the need for support of the arts and hopefully won't mind me telling a story on the lead vocalist Daniel Martinez.

When we had first opened our doors, right next to Cappy's Pizza almost four years ago, Dan was one of the first guys to visit us. We were in over our heads with no idea what we were doing and lots of cool inventory but no customers. Dan came over and bought an amazing bench from us (one of our all time faves) and even split up the payments on two cards just so he could get it. He'll probably never know how much that meant to us that somebody would take a chance on us, but as I listened to his CD a few weeks later I knew that this guy and this band was somebody worth sticking your neck out for.

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