Friday, July 9, 2010

Recycled Rubber Chaise... Awesome

[Charles] I read a lot of other blogs and lists that show what other people make from recycled materials. This chaise is so awesome and I'm just completely jealous that we don't have it in our little shop. It was on Great Green Goods which does a decent job of finding unique things online although most things are still in the Lebron James price range - (see I can put in random sports news references too!)

The second link is to the Berlin artist Jaap Wijnants website for the Puncture Bags from inner tubes. It sounds like furniture designer Patrick Kerti was a partner on this one although my german is a little rusty. Very cool although a little out of my price range still... and shipping from Germany...

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  1. Hi Charles,

    I just found my chaise here in your blog. Thanks for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it. This is obviously a prototype that took a long time to make and I love it so much that I don`t actually want to sell it unless someone throws a ridiculous ammount of money at me. However, with the experience we gained we can now make similar pieces, custom made at a much lower price.
    We are usually dealing locally here in Berlin, I`d have to find out about shipping to the United States.

    Let me know if it is of interest to you.

    all the best,


    P.S. If you are wondering about the whereabouts of chaise, have a look on , it`s in Graefestra├če ;)