Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rail in Tampa Vs. Rail in China

Photo of Shanghai rail station from bennettdesigns on Flickr
[Charles] Okay it's not really a fair comparison. In Tampa we are putting up a vote for a 1 cent sales tax for public transportation improvements. In China they are putting the finishing touches on a 6.7 MW power generating solar roof for their new high speed rail station. While the mayor here argues whether it should be high speed rail vs. light rail to the airport, the Chinese happily knock out a state of the art facility that will probably shame whatever rail station we can scrape together. We might have money for a new baseball stadium but lets definitely think hard about getting people where they want to go. People on the roads are unproductive and mad and more likely to end up dead quicker! So let's get off our seats, literally, and get this rail thing going! This is the chance to do something amazing and ENDURING in downtown Tampa that isn't a parking lot! If you've seen the new airside at TIA or the new art museum downtown you bear witness to some of our city's momentum. I'll finish up my little pep talk with a link to a group called Moving Hillsborough Forward and their upcoming meeting at TMA. Below is the video they made to start getting people talking about the vote coming up.

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